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14/05/2005    tuxrip 0.99beta6 is out:
* adding a Makefile to install tuxrip.
* new container supported: AVI + MP3 to support standalone hardware players.
* bugfix of the auto black bars detection (crop).
* --nice n mode: to set the priority of the encoding process ( 0
< 19).
* --man-sync mode: to sync audio and video manually.
* --man-crop mode: to disabled the auto black bars detection.
* some code cleanup.
* sync with latest MPlayer versions.
* workaround of a display bug in --test-comp mode (the display is now unformated but the values are correct).
* trap code to get the correct colors with a raw output.
* Separation of the language files.
* New function to initialize colors.
* New function to display the version and softname banner.
* Better code readability with the replacement of the variable $RACINE/$projet by $projectRoot.
* Uses '\rm' intead of "rm -f" to avoid aliases like rm="rm -i", same for "mv"...
* During the DVD analysis, the H, M and S variables are sometimes empty, which leads to a crash. Fixes that by giving default value (0) to those 3 variables.
* updated version of transperl (x264 support).

27/07/2004    tuxrip 0.98 and transperl 0.2 are out:
* fixes display bugs with entrelaced DVDs.
* fixes the fps problem entountered with VOB files generated by transcode 0.6.12 and up.
* updated XviD encoding options to reflect XviD 1.x option name changes. Also yields a better quality
* updated version of transperl.

01/04/2004    tuxrip 0.97 is out :
* a --debug mode to display all error messages coming from the used commands.
* checks is available when using mode --xvidtrans.

01/04/2004    tuxrip 0.96 is out :
* checks supermount when the dvd is unmounted when using mode --clone.
* deinterlacing potentially used in mode --xvidtrans.
* compatibility between modes --subtitle and --source.
* small fix when testing the presence of the DVD in the drive.
* subtitles are muxed in matroska container and are automatically compressed (zlib).
* --xvidtrans mode to interact with the transperl plugin (1) written by CREX.
* checks Display Aspect Ratio (if any detection conflict between mplayer and tcprobe, choice is asked).
* chaptering in matroska container
* bugfix choice of resolution after compressibility check.

(1) The transperl plugin written by CREX allows encoding with transcode, and all Xvid parameters can be set up using xvid4conf. This script forces the use of fast resize.

30/10/2003    tuxrip 0.90 is out !
* supports the high-performance matroska container (requires mplayer 1.0pre2, libebml, libmatroska and mkvtoolnix)
* supports subtitles in vobsub format (does not supports multi-cd encoding for the moment, use mplayer –delay for the second CD)
* the resize algorithm can now be chosen by the user
* new –presetvideo extreme faster than the previous one for the same quality (requires mplayer 1.0pre2)
* previous presetvideo available as old-extreme
* new option --list-preset (display available video presets)
* encodes with "-mc 0 -noskip -skiplimit 0" (avoids any skipping with slow computer)
* new (and improved) deinterlacing
* Spanish version of the documentation (thanks to John F. for the translation)
* Black bars detection threshold
* Uses option –vf instead of the deprecated –vop
* Displays the PSNR
* Pauses before first synchronisation check
* Checks drivers
* Various bugfixes (mounting point check, …)

27/08/2003    tuxrip 0.85 is out !
* new option "--no-colors" to get an uncoloured output
* bug fixes (df is replaced by df -P, thanks zeb !)
* new entries in --help
* option --lang replaces --language and --langue for switching languages
* adding the English documention and update of the French one

16/08/2003   English version of the site !

    Options page update (tuxrip 0.84)

    tuxrip 0.84 is out :
* --multiaudio mode for encoding several languages
* automatic detection of fat32 partitions (and --split mode to force it)
* --resume now works with fat32 (or --split mode)
* translations.
* Multiaudio mode works with --resume (you may resume in single audio mode a project created in multiaudio).
* minor bug corrections (add -f when renaming...).
* New MPlayer syntax "mplayer dvd://" is compatible with 0.90rcX and cvs.