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Tuxrip is a Linux bash script for ripping and encoding DVD in mpeg4 format (XviD, libavcodec). It uses a text based interface very easy to use and will work on most Linux distributions. The compressed video file can be viewed on all OS.

Its features are :

  • Automatic detection of the DVD name
  • Ripping and decrypting the DVD on the hard drive
  • Video encoding in mpeg4 format (libavcodec or XviD),
  • Audio encoding in OggVorbis format
  • Use of the ogg container format, allowing several audio streams and text subtitles
  • Détection automatique et élimination des bandes noires,
  • Automatic detection of the aspect ratio of the movie
  • Calculates resolution for given filesize and image quality
  • Optional quality reduction for encoding credits
  • Encodes in any final file size (e.g. allows encoding on several CD)
  • Optional compressibility check to determine the optimal quality on a sample of the movie
  • Audio/Video mixing and synchronizing
  • Automatic detection of NTSC/PAL DVD and deinterlacing
  • Encoding can be interrupted at various steps and resume
  • Automatically system shutdown after encoding
  • Test mode : to encode only one chapter
  • Burn mode : automatically writes the video file after encoding
  • English and French interface
  • Can encode a movie with several audio streams (--multiaudio mode),
  • Can backup an entire DVD (--clone mode) and this backup can be used subsequently to do the encoding (--source mode),
  • Automatic detection (or forced using --split) of fat16/32 partitions (splits movie into 1GB vob files).

New functions will be added in the future : joblist, subtitles, chaptering, use without X.